Workshops for Vocalists

Singing is a powerful form of communication that can energize from within and without. Improvisation is a gateway to self-confidence and self-empowerment. These workshops reveal how to find your inner source of voice and self-expression, uncovering and releasing both individual expression and personal resonance.

Singing in Contemporary Styles, Performance Techniques, Addressing Performance Anxiety
In these workshops, Jeannie draws upon 20 years of experience as a vocal teacher, band leader and performer.  With a M.A. in Wellness and Voice, and a Reiki Master, these workshops look at the holistic aspects of singing in performing.  Jeannie’s expertise in wellness in performance has been developing over the past several years, is a primary focus at Berklee College of Music and is the topic of her forthcoming book.

Working with Choirs

Jeannie also offers workshops with choirs, building upon her extensive experience both leading and singing them.  Designed to maximize vocal quality, blend, style and presentation, this work will nurture your choir members to sing with open, joyful expression, to embody rhythm, and to improve their stylistic authenticity. The combination of relaxation and group connection makes a choir compelling.

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