The purpose of our workshops is to bring out your creativity and empower you to express yourself freely through your singing. These workshops will help you to fall in love with your voice.

Songwriter Stage Performance Workshop Intensive
Sunday April 7 and April 14, 2019

This 8-hour program meets over two consecutive sessions on Sunday April 7 and Sunday April 14, from 5pm-9pm, in Walpole MA at The Loft studio.

The Songwriter Stage Performance Workshop accepts up to ten singer/songwriting students, who have some songs already written or in progress to explore. In this 2-week, 8-hour intensive workshop, we develop and hone specific skills that performing singer-songwriters need to work on to present themselves at their very best. Topics will include:

  • effectiveness of the song, melodic range, lyric, chord changes, groove
  • self-accompanying, such as on keyboard or guitar
  • vocal styles, including use of mix voice, riffs and runs
  • diction as appropriate to the style
  • movement at the instrument and stationary mic
  • enhancing presence and charisma
  • what to say in between songs in a set


  1. Submit a video of you performing one original song, 3-5 minutes in length. This will be submitted via a private YouTube link, Vimeo
  2. Include a lyrics sheet with your submission.
  3. Include a one-sheet summary of your musical experience
  5. After you email your materials, click the REGISTER HERE button below to be directed to the payment page. The discounted Early Bird registration is $499 before April 1, 2019. The registration fee is $549 after April 1.
  6. Workshop details such as directions to the loft, what to bring, and a detailed syllabus will be emailed to you once you register.

Taught by world-renown professionals Jeannie Gagné and Ana Guigui, who are both Berklee Voice professors,  songwriters, arrangers, and self-accompanying performers on piano and guitar, this workshop is held in a private, warm and inviting space in Walpole, MA. It is an unusual opportunity to work with two of the leading experts in the field, and is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

Past workshops

On January 27, 2019 we launched an exciting, new 8-week evening workshop series!
More Info and Sign up Link

Located in Walpole, Massachusetts –just south of Boston– this intimate workshop of up to ten students will give you the opportunity to explore your singing from every aspect. Coming from a unique holistic and whole-body approach to singing, you will have plenty of opportunities to work on contemporary singing styles, technique, confidence, stage presence, and a lot more. Taught by world-renown professionals who are Berklee professors, this unusual opportunity is definitely on you won’t want to miss.W

When and Where: Classes meet every Sunday in Walpole, MA at the Soundation Loft, from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm, from January 27, 2019 through March 31, 2019. This workshop meets in Walpole, Massachusetts and is limited to ten students.

Ana Guigui, Alizon Lissance, Jeannie Gagné

Topics will include:

  • Discover your voice as the gateway to confidence and self-empowerment
  • Learn how to be a healthy singer, in  body, in mind, in spirit
  • Gain ease with improvisation in contemporary styles
  • Learn the most effective breathing techniques
  • Study techniques for optimum vocal sound and tone
  • Learn techniques to avoid vocal strain, especially for big singing (belting)
  • Learn contemporary tones and techniques, specifically use of vibrato, diction, tone modification and phrasing
  • Understand the communication power of your own voice or instrument
  • Gain a deep knowing for rhythm, especially as it is “embodied” in American contemporary music

Guest Artists

During this workshop we are thrilled to be joined by four esteemed Berklee faculty who will bring their expertise to classes. Click here to learn more about Alizon Lissance, Bob Lada, Jamie Lynn Hart and Doug Johnson.

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