The purpose of workshops is to foster creativity, demystify improvisation in contemporary styles, and empower individuals at different levels of musical experience to express themselves freely through music.  Led by co-founder Jeannie Gagné who is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music with over 20 years experience, these workshops include joyful singing, team-building, rhythm, and movement.

Rates are available upon request.  If you’d like to include a workshop for your group, choir, or school, please email us at :

Workshops are custom-tailored to fit your organization. Typically two hours, topics may include:

  • Discovering the voice as the gateway to confidence and self-empowerment.
  • Demystifying improv in jazz and pop styles.
  • Deep and healthy breathing.
  • Techniques for optimum vocal sound and tone; vocal health, including techniques to avoid vocal strain, whether singing or speaking
  • Learning contemporary tones and techniques, specifically use of vibrato, diction, tone modification and phrasing.
  • Understanding the communication power of your own voice or instrument.
  • Rhythm, especially as it is “embodied” in American contemporary music

Your organization or group may have a specific need that Jeannie can contour her workshop model to meet. The best way to plan a workshop is to send an email describing your organization, what kind of details would best suit your needs, and your organization’s location. Jeannie will customize her process with you.

Workshops typically last two hours on a weekend afternoon, though depending on where you are located and the needs of your group, this may be modified. Rates are available upon request and are sometimes combined in a package with a concert or worship service.

For my UU friends: Now that I am a UU Musician-at-Large, I can travel to your congregation. A typical visit may include a weekend concert, a workshop, and Sunday Worship. If I travel a distance it often makes sense to combine visits to neighboring congregations.