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Vocall group with Jason Whetstone, Deb McClain, and David M. Glasgow
"three twelve" featuring Jason Whetstone, Deb McClain, and David M. Glasgow

We believe that a project with legs, with heart and passion, with a desire to reach out beyond the microphone to touch people with music, will endure. When you combine heartfelt contemporary music and vocals with a passionate commitment to your vision, the benefits of that music can spread well beyond oneself. We are inviting people who care about music programs in your community, and musicians from all genres of contemporary music, to build this exciting new vision together with us.

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Support musical programs in your Community >

Get your school or local group involved to host a Soundation concert in your community to support local programs.

Or work with Soundation to raise funds to buy
instruments for your local school

Fundraising Support >

Join the fundraising team to volunteer and make a difference.

Sponsorship Support >

Become a sponsor and help make a difference in your community.

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A donation today will allow Soundation to reach out and be involved in more communities.

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