Jeannie, Jude Crossen and Danny Mo at Berklee College of Music

We know the benefits that result when an artist shares inspiration with an audience. Musicians cherish the times when this happens. offers a format for this, a needed alternative, a wellness perspective on being a performer, and a powerful reason to stay engaged in the business of making music. It is needed because musicians are constantly challenged to stay connected with their inspiration while also making a living.

You might be a musician who’d like to be involved with your vision. Email us at info at to find out more.

Kick-off Concert dates will be announced soon
April, 2010: We are  building our concert series, which will begin in the greater Boston area. These contemporary-music concerts will feature Boston’s best talent including top faculty and students from Berklee College of Music. Some of the concerts planned include pop/rock, blues, and jazz artists. Stay tuned!
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