About Us

Jeannie Gagn&eacute

Jeannie Gagné is Co-Founder of Soundation.org. Her vision for this organization goes back to around 2005, when she realized her music is consistently motivated by a desire to be part of something inspiring and bigger than herself.

Soundation.org is for Jeannie the opportunity to gather her years of musical experience to build an entity that benefits many musicians, whether younger or older, known or unknown.

Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Jeannie’s long career includes opening for Bare Naked Ladies, recording with Philip Glass, and leading music for Unitarian Universalists across the country. Several of her songs and arrangements appear in Singing the Journey, the best-selling UU hymnal that she also co-wrote.

Learn more about co-founder Jeannie Gagné at jeanniegagne.com.

Mark Stallings

Mark Stallings is Co-Founder of Soundation.org. His experience spans a broad range of business, marketing and engineering, and in particular growing businesses.

His passion with Soundation.org is, in his words, “to connect with the next generation and offer a fantastic opportunity to explore music.” In particular Mark recognizes the value of musical experiences that inspire people to take action.