Why music that makes us feel great?

Saturday, 17 April 2010, 16:37 | Category : Music that Inspires
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You could argue that all music is potentially inspiring.  After all, if you go hear an amazing artist you’re apt to leave the concert on a new high, moved, jazzed.  However…

Where is the community around this?  So much of what we do is about money, glamour, being cool.  Those things are fine.  But there is too little  focus on harmony, love, peace, community-building, diversity.  When these things are emphasized too, we’ll all be better off.

Yes, go to your place of worship and you might find that… or you might not.  (Some places of worship are not particularly welcoming.)  And what if the experience you seek has nothing to do with religion?  Most people want to be moved by music but many of us don‘t look for that experience at church.  We want it in amazing performers, live music, places where we can express ourselves.  What we have now is a large industry that unites Christian music in various genres, but it doesn’t have a place for other spiritual brands.  Individual bands and artists with a loving message are drawing huge audiences these days — Greenday, Bobby McFerrin, Sweet Honey in the rock.  But where is the movement around this?  Folks, we need to make it.

So my idea is, for those of us who want to have meaningful experiences in music-making and attending concerts, let’s put our resources together.  Bring your community into it, get like-minded musicians together for that concert that will blow you away.  When we bring our loving intentions together through music-making, when we seek harmony and balance, when we accept one another — beautiful things can happen.  Imagine how powerful this is going to be.

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    Let’s get this online community up and running, it’s great stuff!

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