Our Mission:    Soundation.org is a philanthropic organization dedicated to building and supporting a national community of caring and compassionate musicians, who seek to spread love, empowerment and inspiration through popular music.  Through a collaborative online network and ongoing concerts, Soundation.org brings musicians together in the spirit of cooperation and shared vision, thus amplifying their work to uplift and nurture secular audiences through the immeasurable power of music.  Proceeds that Soundation.org receives from concerts, donations and other sources are then granted to local community music programs that nurture students of all ages.  It is a circle of inspiration.


onstage at Berklee College of Music, Jeannie Gagne and Ellen Angelico

Jeannie Gagné, Ellen Angelico

Created by Jeannie Gagné and Mark Stallings, our home base is in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. We are also designing concert events to come to you, across the country.  Our mandate for Soundation is a two-prong organization that will host musical artists and festivals both locally and nationally, to offer a platform for skilled musicians at all levels of visibility who want to put out positive messages.  Soundation financially assists local community music programs with the funds it collects. Thus Soundation is a performance + philanthropic organization that first presents inspiring concerts, then supports local groups that are themselves aimed at offering inspiration and community empowerment through music and the arts.

You can be a part of Soundation. Consider bringing this model to your community, or bringing your professional skill into play to support a soundation.org event.  We need folks in all areas!

Are you a musician? Do you want to put out music that makes a difference? Do you support music-making in your community, in a school or local organization? Soundation could be the organization for you. Because it is a grass-roots performing arts collective, we need you.